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Transmission Services

Your car’s transmission is basically the heart of your car –
it transfers power from the engine to the front and rear wheels.

Getting your transmission checked regularly is vital to ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly. If left unchecked, a transmission rebuild can be one of the most expensive repairs on your car. To avoid this costly procedure, we recommend getting your gearbox serviced every 30,000-40,000km , or according to the recommendations on your individual car manual.

 Signs to check your transmission

● If you hear grinding sounds in the engine when the car is turned on
● If your car slips between gears
● If you are having difficulty changing gears
● If your car doesn’t move when you accelerate

What happens during a transmission service and repair

At Cronulla Sutherland Automatics, we service your transmission by replacing the old transmission fluid with fresh fluid. We also replace the filters and check for any signs of debris.

A full transmission service also includes:

● Examining the sump pump
● Replacing or cleaning the filter
● Cleaning the pan
● Installing a new pan gasket

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    We will contact you to confirm your service date.

    We will contact you to confirm your service date.

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