Car Battery

We service and repair all makes and models including Japanese, European and US imports.

Battery terminals and cables give the necessary electrical path to transfer the battery power to the entire vehicle. Replacing the Battery terminals and cables will give increased battery life and alternator operation.

What is the car battery?

The car battery provides the essential electricity required to put the electrical components of the vehicle to work. It also converts chemical energy into the electrical energy that powers your car and provides voltage to the car’s starter. It stabilises the voltage/energy supply that maintains the running engine.

What happens during a car battery service?

At Cronulla Sutherland Automatics, our experts will Inspect the battery, battery terminals and cables. Clean the battery terminals and surface. Perform an open circuit voltage and load test and treat the battery terminals to assist in preventing corrosion.

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    We will contact you to confirm your service date.

    We will contact you to confirm your service date.