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Sutherland Shire Auto Mechanic

Whatever concern you may have with your car, we are here to help!

Trusted transmission warranty work provider for Subaru dealerships

4WD Mechanical Repairs

Ensure that your 4WD remains safe and secure even in the toughest environmental conditions.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Our range of air conditioning services ensure that you have a comfortable ride at any time of the

Auto Electrician

Get any electrical components of your car, including brake light, powered windows and air
conditioning faults, serviced by our trusted team.

Brake Repairs

Get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is ready to brake suddenly in any situation.

Car Battery

A fully-functioning car starts with a fully charged battery. Learn about the services we offer.

Car Safety Checks

Our skilled mechanics perform safety checks to guarantee your vehicle is equipped and ready
for the future journeys ahead.

Clutch Repairs

Despite being one of the most common components to wear out, your car’s clutch is one of the easiest to diagnose and repair.

Engine Faults

A car’s engine is vital for a smooth drive, yet often overlooked. Explore the services we offer for faulty engines.

Exhaust Repairs

A properly functioning exhaust is vital for the health of your car as well as your own safety.

Filter Servicing

Prevent dust, impurities and contaminants from entering the most vital parts of your vehicle with
regular services on your car’s filter.

Fleet Services

Ensure that all your business or organisation’s cars are up to scratch with our fleet servicing

Gearbox Repairs

Avoid big costs and keep your car functioning with our range of gearbox repairs and services.

Power Steering Repairs

A failing power steering can worsen the overall performance of your vehicle. Avoid costly services down the track by staying on top of your car’s steering performance.

Radiators and Cooling System Repairs

Our range of radiator and cooling system repairs keep your vehicle at its optimal temperature
year round.

Sensor Faults

A failing sensor can cause a series of problems throughout other systems in your car. Get your
sensors checked today!

Suspension Repairs

Your car’s suspension is vital in maintaining your car’s performance, reliability and safety. Learn
more about what suspension repairs we offer.

Wheel Alignments

Proper wheel alignment ensures a smooth and enjoyable drive. Optimise your vehicle’s driving
potential by utilising our wheel alignment services.

Home > Sutherland Shire Auto Mechanic