Do you Really Need to Change Gearbox or Transmission Fluids?

There are many fluids that run throughout motor vehicles today, but one of the most important to keep an eye on is the automatic transmission fluid.

Whether or not to change it is really not a matter to debate: Yes you should. But how often this should be performed can vary between manufactures and vehicles. Over the years what I have noticed is that manufactures don’t place service schedules in there log books.

They say the transmission is “filled for life” but in our opinion that is the life of their warranty. We have noticed once the warranty period has finished and you have a problem they will not be enthusiastic about repairing that transmission under their warranty. Like other vital automotive fluids ,transmission fluid which is under extreme temperature and pressures deteriorates overtime.

Hard use – such as frequent stop and go city driving, hauling heavy loads, trailer towing – will accelerate the deterioration. That kind of driving places more strain on the fluids.

Unlike engine oil, which is primarily a lubricant, transmission fluid serves as both an oil and as a hydraulic fluid applying clutch packs and bands .

Transmission fluids should be checked monthly when refueling your vehicle and should be red in colour but does come in other variations .An indictor that transmission fluid is deteriorating is it starts to darken and can also have a burnt smell about it.

If you have never changed you transmission fluid and you have travelled more than 60,000 km, it would be a good idea to change it now. We often receive feedback from customer commenting on how much better the transmission shifts when driving.

Just remember, a small cheque now could save a large cheque later.

Our Transmissions Services Include:

  • Automatic transmission overhauls
  • Repairs / servicing
  • Coolers supplied & installed
  • Shift Kit installations
  • Reconditioned torque converters
  • Valve Body reconditioning
  • General servicing
  • Clutch replacement & flywheel machining
  • Differential servicing
  • Fault Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
  • Gearbox repair
  • Clutch recalibration
  • Transfer box overhauls
  • Coolant changes / flushing
  • All Australian & imported vehicles
  • FWD & 4WD
  • Electronic controlled
  • Torque converter repairs & overhauls
  • General auto warranty servicing
  • Authorised registration inspection (Pink slip)