Gearbox & Clutch Repairs & Servicing

At Cronulla Sutherland Automatics we’ve been repairing clutches and gearboxes for over 50 years. Our qualified mechanics will be able to assist with any concerns you may have.

On a manual car the clutch pedal disengages the clutch plates allowing the car to change gears. The gearbox is used to change the gears and both the clutch and gears are prone to wear and tear due to the amount of friction involved.

No clutch will last forever. With heavy use, the clutch will wear out faster or if a driver ‘rides’ the clutch – engaging the clutch pedal more than is needed.

We’re able to diagnose clutch and related issues quickly. It’s important that if you’re experiencing a grinding noise when changing gears to bring your car in for a check. A slipping clutch is one of the most common faults and can be identified by the car hesitating under acceleration and difficult to change gears.

Gearbox servicing and repair in Sutherland

Our range of services includes everything from repairing a broken clutch cable to a replacement of the whole clutch kit.

In most cases, the problem could be fairly obvious and easy to fix, such as replacing the clutch fluid, however, sometimes we can’t see what is wrong until it the gearbox is completely stripped out.

In this instance, we will provide a written quote before starting any work so you’re always aware of the costs involved.

Cronulla Sutherland Automatics has a 9 hoist workshop which enables servicing of larger vehicles, SUVs and work vehicles.

Our mechanics will take the time to explain you the nature of the problem and the most affordable repair option.

  • Independent servicing that wont void your warranty
  • Genuine & approved spare parts only
  • Quality service that saves you money
  • Latest technology & extensive checks to diagnose your fault quickly

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